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Does my organization need a merchant account to use Givr?

Yes, your organization will need a merchant services account to use Givr. Givr does not process payments directly. We partner with Paperless Transaction Corp for the best nonprofit merchant service processing available. When your organization starts using Givr we will guide you through the process of establishing your payment processing account with Paperless Transaction Corp. It normally takes 3-5 business days.

If your organization is not a recognized 501c3 nonprofit or if you need to begin accepting donations immediately, Givr also supports merchant accounts from WePay. With this option you will be able to begin accepting gifts in 15 minutes. We then recommend setting up a formal processing account with Paperless Transaction Corp to take advantage of Paperless's advanced features and lower transaction fees.

Can I access donor information for my organization's records?

Yes, Givr provides an admin portal to monitor all your active accounts. You can also export all your organization's Givr data into a CSV file to import into accounting or record keeping platforms. Givr provides organizations with 100% of all donor information collected in Givr.

How quickly are funds available?

Both of Givr's payment processing partners offer direct deposit for all donations. Credit and debit card funds are usually available within a few business days. Bank account transactions take a little longer, possibly up to six or seven business days. You can access all your payment processing details online directly from your WePay or Paperless Transaction Corp account.

Can my organization use only online giving or only mobile giving?

Yes! You can use any of the giving channels within Givr independently or collectively. This includes mobile apps, the Givr kiosk, hosted online giving, or embedded online giving. All Givr giving channels are included in our flat 1% transaction fee and you can choose to use the channels that best fit your organization's needs.

What is PCI compliance and are we covered?

PCI DSS (or Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) was originally created by the major credit card companies to unify security policies across their networks. Essentially, it is a set of criteria that any entity processing payments needs to hold to in order to maintain an adequate degree of security. Thankfully, since Givr's processing partners handle all the payment processing you don’t have to bother with PCI compliance! Givr is 100% PCI compliant and maintains all the necessary security precautions.

How can I know my information is secure?

Givr uses 256 bit SSL encryption to secure all data on our platform. This is the same standard used by US banks and other financial institutions. Furthermore, all your financial information within the Givr app is PIN protected and, if a PIN is incorrectly entered 5 times an account is locked down to prevent any unauthorized access or attacks.

How does Givr support online donations?

Givr supports online (web) donations in two ways. First, Givr offers a hosted giving page that you can link to directly. This link can be placed anywhere including Facebook pages, emails, blog posts, or any other digital communication. Second, Givr offers an embedded giving tool that can be placed directly on your site so that a giver never has to leave your site to make their gift.

How does a giver use the mobile app?

Your givers can download the Givr app for free from the Apple App Store or Google Play. According to comScore, 2014 started with 160 million smartphone users in the United States. By providing native mobile giving apps, Givr helps your organization make giving easy for those smartphone users.

Our church already has an app with a giving link - why do we need another?

Good question! Adding a dedicated giving app helps your church in a number of ways. First and foremost, it increases giving fulfillment rates by making giving quicker. Only 11% of millennials report having made a gift using a mobile credit card form. Unfortunately, most church apps use mobile credit card forms. With a dedicated giving app, you create a dedicated (and always available!) place for your givers to make and manage their support for your church. This helps increase giving fulfillment rates and grow generosity in your congregation.

Does Givr support muli-campus churches?

Yes! Givr is setup to adapt to your church context. Whether you are a multi-site church, operating under the administrative oversight of another church, or planting a church, Givr is able to accomodate your giving and administrative needs. Simply contact us to get started and we'll help you setup your account to meet the specific needs of your organization.

Givr works closely with our partners and vendors to ensure that every portion of our platform is secure.

I’ve created an what?

Givr is designed to enhance your existing fundraising efforts by providing a simple way for givers to respond. Any time you ask for a donation (in person or online) simply link to Givr as the way to respond. Read more about how Givr supports online and offline calls to give (including rollout guides for your church or nonprofit).

Is your question not answered here?

Head on over to Givr's support page for more frequently asked questions, user forums, and general support. There you can find extensive documentation for the Givr platform including our mobile apps, giving kiosk, online giving channels, administrative tools, and payment processing details. If your question isn't answered there, please feel free to contact us for additional detail!

Simply Generous

We work hard to make sure that the path to giving is as frictionless as possible. Givr empowers organizations to make giving simple for their givers. We believe that making a gift should be as easy as possible.

Giving Apps

Want to hear something crazy? Only 11% of Millennials report having given through an online mobile website and text-to-give combined. We think that is too low, particularly when compared to the over 35% that report using their phones for retail purchases. We don't think giving should be harder than buying a song or a cup of coffee. That's why we have native giving apps for iOS and Android users.

On Fees

It might seem a bit counter intuitive to accept payments with fees instead of just asking for checks or cash. Are the fees really worth it? On average, every new Givr user gives about $175 per month. Let's say just 5 new people started giving because of the ease and availability of Givr. You're probably wondering how much of your existing giving would have to switch to Givr before the fees from their existing gifts offset the new giving. The answer is $350,000 a year. So if you think just 5 new givrs will join before $350,000 of cash and check giving goes online, then it's worth it!

15 Minutes

That's how long it takes to set up a Givr account for your organization and start accepting online and mobile payments from anyone. How long does it take someone to make a gift? 30 seconds.