Different backgrounds, same vision.

Among the 6 of us we’ve visited 17 countries, built 35 apps, and seen 147 New Years.
A common thread in all our lives is the idea that a generous life is a better life. That looks different in each of our fields but comes together in Givr. We bring our strengths together so we can constantly improve and innovate solutions that help others live generously.

Brent Klein

After studying religion as an undergrad, Brent picked up programming and loved it. He is constantly seeking ways to pursue excellence while engaging in meaningful work.

Zach Whelchel
Product Manager

Lately Zach’s been building apps, teaching, learning to lead a development team, and building tools to unite the Church through crowd-sourced service.

Daryl Ridgely
Lead Developer

Daryl has spent 15 years building world class software in a variety of categories including fitness, productivity, nonprofits, and marketing. His heart for generosity is reflected not only in how he works, but also in what he builds.

Jeremy Zeiders
Lead Designer

Jeremy has a passion for excellent design that results in award winning user experiences. With two young daughters he learns more about living the life of a generous father every day.

Chris Croley
Relationship Coordinator

Currently pursuing a degree in counseling in Louisville, KY, Chris enjoys serving others and helping solve problems. His years working in churches and nonprofits help him serve Givr clients knowledgeably and effectively.

Brock Klein
Operations Director

With a background in operations, product development, and nonprofit services Brock enjoys seeking opportunities to help others express their generosity.

Partners in purpose.

No man is an island. We know that the best way to do good work is to partner with those on the same path. We’re really grateful to be surronded with partners who share our vision to unleash generosity.