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You spend a lot of time encouraging people to give.
Are you equipping them with the right tools?

Meet givers where they are.

We want to remove as much friction as possible between the desire to give and the act of giving.
Givr provides tools to accept gifts on location, on the go, and on the web.


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We exist to empower Churches and Nonprofits.

The path to generosity is a life-long one. We’re here to make the first step as easy as possible for today’s mobile generation. We built Givr so people could easily experience the joy that comes with being generous. Givers can track their giving over time and see the impact they are making in your organization. We think that's pretty cool and we’re not alone. Nonprofits and Churches attest to Givr’s ease of use and industry leading pricing.

Meet Sam

Sam is a millennial who is willing to give. He knows the importance of supporting local ministries and non-profits and uses Givr because its quick and easy. When Sam feels the impulse to give he's able to act on it instantly. We think that's an important step towards enabling the next generation to give joyfully.

Pricing we’re proud of.

We love getting asked about our pricing. It's a chance to prove that our mission really informs every aspect of Givr.
We’ve worked very hard to keep pricing as low as possible. Look around a bit and we think you’ll be impressed too.


No fine print. No setup fees. No annual fees. No cancelation fees. One fee - all of Givr.

The average church or nonprofit on Givr pays about 2.2% + $.30 for payment processing.

Curious how we keep card proccessing low?

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A growing numbers of churches and nonprofits trust Givr to help them make giving simple and accessible.

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